Halocarbon Gas Systems

HFC (227EA, 125, 23) hydrofluorocarbons are compressed and liquefied gases. HFC systems are needed for fire protection in a number of cases where quickness of intervention, space and safety are critical factors

The European Regulation CE 842/2006:

  • Does not impose a temporal limitation to the use of HFCs in fire protection systems.
  • Defines procedures which aimto contain, prevent and thereby reduce any HFC emission into the atmosphere.

The advantages

  • Fast fire fighting (10 sec.)
  • Small required space for cylinder storage
  • No residual upon discharge
  • EN 12094 cerifications on Bettati Antincendio components. Compliance CE 0068. New 200 liter welded cylinder (working pressure 42 bar).
  • In-progress procedure for certification of systems with internationally recognized certification bodies.

GAS HFC227ea


HFC 227ea can be used in all major classes of fire; it is safe, clean and electrical non-conductive. It is particularly suited for

  • telecommunications facilities,
  • computer rooms
  • process control centres.

Due to its low toxicity level, HFC 227ea is suitable for protecting areas that are normally occupied by people and it is environmentally friendly with ODP=0.



Due to its low boiling point (-48.3°C), HFC125 is the most indicated halocarbon extinguishant for Halon 1301 replacement: it can be stored in the same type of containers and covers a large variety of employments;

The new PBPK Model demonstrates that it can also be used for normally occupied areas (if the exposure time is suitably reduced).

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HFC23 extinguishes fires without damaging delicate components

  • computer components
  • medical equipment
  • electronic devices

• It is also an effective alternative because of its low toxicity and extinguishing concentration. It is chemically and biological un-reactive and produces no serious consequences to persons; it is particularly applicable where high extinguishing concentrations are needed (in order to improve margins of safety) or where temperatures are equal to or less than 0° C.

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